Our History

At Digicast Audio Visual we have dedicated 10 years to Audio Visual projects, Digicast AV was bred from a passion for all things AV after gaining experience working with major blue chips in the city to football stadiums, museums and high street retail storefronts we decided the most interesting creative work was in bespoke residential projects and in-home entertainment. This focus would allow us to use all our experiences of past projects and allow us to grow to our full potential both as engineers and project managers.

Media Walls Solution Build up
AV Furniture Design Right First Time

AV projects are our passion we talk to customers just starting out to dedicated audiophiles, cinephiles, Interior designers and Architects. We will provide you with an AV layout plan and schematic to help you plan your home entertainment living space, we can also offer the full package designing a 3d render of the room at professional cinema specification from room acoustics to cinema seating and lighting plans we are there.

Meet the Team

In 2014 Robin started Digicast AV embarking on a journey of self-discovery and growth in all things AV, constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities and building clients relations along the way. He is customer focused with a passion for creating great experiences tailored to a client’s technology requirements in the home with the use of automated schedules and motion sensors he aims to reduce remotes and light switches to a minimum which makes our systems simple and clutter free making Digicast AV unique in its field.

With a diverse background in technology working as a Technical Engineer for West Sussex fire brigade and as an approved sub-contractor engineer for Richer Sounds and Sevenoaks HiFi, Robin honed a unique set of skills and knowledge, making him a versatile and adaptable individual. He possesses a keen intellect, coupled with a relentless curiosity for technology solutions, which fuels his drive to explore and understand where technology can make a big difference working in harmony with the home.

Digicast AV’s client base has grown from existing clients recommendations and interior designers, luxury estate agents and design & build teams. Robins understanding of his clients requirements and knowledge in technology solutions has earnt him trust with clients from HiFi enthusiasts to high net worth individuals and celebrities.

Robin Barnes Digicast AV

Experience is key!

Through experience, we have learned to project manage in harmony with the other professionals required to see the project through ensuring we are always done on time and commissioned and handed over to the client on a budget. On-going Maintenance and call-outs are valued by us and our customers to ensure robust systems; we work in partnership with our suppliers to ensure that a good quality service is upheld throughout the life cycle of the products and the systems we have built our names on. We will respond to technical enquiries within 24 hours, as 80% of issues can be fixed over the phone we will try to assist immediately over the phone for free. If the call does result into a call out and the installation is over 1 year then we have a flat rate fee for the call out and the first hour and will look to respond within one week period

Digicast is a forward-thinking integrator of bespoke Audiovisual, control systems and design technology, Digicast provides a complete range of Audio Visual custom electronics to the residential environment. Our focus is on innovative design, installation, automation and the support and maintenance of these solutions.