We immerse our selves’ in all things home cinema and high-resolution audio and all the new technology required to re-create a magical experience, we achieve this by following a few select manufacturers that use the same passion for the best sound and vison, made famous in professional movie-making and recording studios around the world, we feel we really do re-create what the director intended and we will get you as close as possible to reference material from when the sound track was created in the studio mix.

Our products are so versatile, If you want one room to multiple rooms around the home we can deliver the same studio-quality sound and vision if mounted on wall, floor standing or in-wall is required then rest assured our systems are completely customisable for colour, print or textile requirement as we strive to blend our products into your room theme. It is also possible with non-studio grade products to hide them completely and make them disappear by being plastered into the walls of the room there are endless possibilities.

What happens to your AV when Moving Home

Embrace New Technologies

A good AV/IT hub the key to a good reliable whole-home system and as AV systems engineers with over we have over 10 years’ experience of researching and developing the best performing and reliable home media hubs, sometimes even paving the way in our industry.

AV & IT technology is developing all the time and we embrace these new technologies to get signals from one place to another traditionally this was done using hardwired Ethernet but as mobile phones, tablets etc don’t have an Ethernet LAN port.

Having good reliable WiFi is paramount and so we looked to a product with a solid background in commercial networks.

Our WLAN company are one of the companies which has taken on the challenge presented by the AV residential market to provide reliable products suitable for the home that can offer as much as 33% extra throughput but its major plus point is seamless roaming the issue you get with all our competitor products is that when a client is moving from room to room with a device then connection can be disrupted or disconnect.

This is a massive blow when you are trying to make a Wi-Fi call or trying play and group music In different rooms around the home, these problems are caused by the clients device trying to re-associate and authenticate a new IP address with the different WiFi points between rooms, this whole process causes traffic delays or certain devices just lost on the network.

Audio Visual Solution

Our WiFi points use WiFi tunnelling that cuts out inter WiFi point delay by creating a second WLAN tunnel that can prioritise certain devices of the network and direct it’s traffic straight back direct to the router.

This meaning the clients device can now keep the same IP address as they seamlessly roam throughout their smart home bypassing all the congested re-association and authentication requests.

All of our solutions are fully certified and supported by the manufacturer under the warranty period; we always make sure guidelines are followed to ensure our clients receive a tried and tested robust experience.

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