We immerse our selves’ in all things home cinema and in-home high-resolution audio and all the new technology required to re-create a magical experience, we achieve this by following a few select manufacturers that have been chosen by the world’s leading studio directors with the same quest for the best sound, our products have been made famous the professional movie making and recording studios around the world, we feel we really do re-create what the director intended and we will get you as close as possible to reference material from when the soundtrack was created in the studio mix.

We find this is so important when trying to reproduce a movie soundtrack in a home cinema as this accounts for 80% of your movie-watching experience all of the surround sound speakers have to sound perfectly the same and deliver the same engineered sound quality throughout the sound stage this ensures that you get separated effects that are so clear and concise that if a glass breaks in the movie you feel it’s real and in the room.

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Our speakers are handcrafted created by impassioned music lovers where music is the number one priority with a mission to create the best sound possible. This means to reproduce music and sound as close to the natural experience with speakers drivers that produce this as effortlessly as if the instrument was playing in the same room but instead done with innovative engineering precision in replicating it.

As studio production is the most demanding environment for loudspeakers our products are so versatile, if you want one room to multiple rooms around the home we can deliver the same studio-quality sound and vision if mounted on the wall, floor standing or in-wall is required then rest assured our systems are completely customisable.

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