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What is a Smart home? A Smart home has been born from taking analytical data collected from our real-life living scenarios in the home and is a control methodology used to deploy automated solutions that save you time and money and improve efficiency.

Home automation is the art of bringing all your devices together to work as one brain, one or multiple devices can become active with calendar based events or with sensors that can activate devices from a climate change event, from a decrease in temperature to a single drop rain landing or a door opening, any one of these events can trigger a chain of commands to activate devices either coming on going off or changing status.

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Introducing Control 4

Launched in 2003, Control4 have quickly proven a hit among homeowners looking for a premium home automation installation at a more accessible price, this is because Control 4 requires less programmer training and programming time onsite, Control 4 also offers a vast range of free device drivers unlike competitors who charge per driver or drivers have to be created taking more time to program increasing labour costs.

Control 4 offers effortless integration with over 1,900 leading smart home products, the most popular including Lutron lighting , Heatmiser thermostats and Somfy blind control, Control4 really come into their own when it comes to smart home Intergration and that’s why they are our sole provider when a smart home is required.

When it comes to home automation life is made up of scenarios to make our living environment more secure and to perform more efficiently based on our living habits, save time and money with the intelligent based event programming or Control 4.

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Home CCTV Smart Setup

Security Scenario

With touch screens around your home and the smart phone in your pocket you can be connected to your home near or far. If you ever did suffer a break in a sensor would trigger and event and either alert you or the police, and alarm could sound and you could even monitor and talk to the intruders in real time until the police get there.

LED Network Fibres

Lighting Scenario

Create your very own lighting recipes for the individual user or multiple users around the home or go fully automated with motion sensing lights or seasonal schedules. The Average person forgets to turn off their light bulbs fairly frequently. Lighting schedules and dimming schedules save money, versus a standard switch each smart dimmer automatically saves between 4-9% in electricity even at the highest lighting levels.

Heating and Cooling

Heating / Cooling Scenario

Efficient control of your heating or cooling saves you money, temperature should be controlled room by room based on occupation, temperature or the time of year, fully automated heating control is a cinch with Control 4 with triggered calendar based events and seasonal scheduling.

Audio Visual Solution

Movie night scenario

Cue movies with a hand-held remote, from a one button press the TV comes on with sound and launches your favourite movie or series the blinds close and the lights dim and the shades close. Too dark to find the popcorn, hit pause the movies pauses and the lights brighten, ready to go again hit play and the lights dim and the movie comes back into life.

Mobile Phone Usage

Access control Scenario

From the push of a door bell intercom a touch screen/smart phone comes to life and alerts/displays the front door camera, talk to the visitor ID them and unlock the door or gate.


Blinds / Shade scenario

Start your morning with a scheduled triggered event to let the sunlight wake you or hit watch a movie and darken your room for those movies nights with a button press, with control 4’s event based programming the possibilities are endless.

What happens to your AV when Moving Home

Music Scenario

Music stimulates the brain which in turn helps with pain relief, reducing stress to let you unwind. The battle is getting easy access to music. Control 4 multi-room audio reproduces the right level of sound quality in one zone or multiple zones around the home for within an efficient budget. Using the same interface and event based programming for all your other home scenarios Control 4 will select your favourite track and send it to one zone or all zones! You want to control the volume select music in zone or bind zones together for group volume control

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