Keep the Heart of your Home Media Hub Beating

As Audiovisual technology in the home races on, audiovisual maintenance and an Audiovisual call-outs can be necessary for the more complicated system to keeping them up to date improving performance and reliability and saving on downtime, it is proven that preventative maintenance helps extend the life of equipment and avoids costly emergency call outs and having to wait for the call engineer to get to you.

Our maintenance plan is based on an annual fee as part of our maintenance plan you will be given a yearly full system check and all equipment along with all cables documented and printed out on a cheat sheet we will also ensure software is upgraded with the newest software releases and configure any bug fixes that might be required this saves us and you time as 80% issues can then be fixed over the phone or by yourself using the cheat sheet, also for future upgrades this means no survey is required as our engineer will have a map of the system on file so we will know the system capabilities and the right products to choose saving time on researching the right equipment and knowing what wire goes where to install it.

Audio Visual Call Out

We will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours, as 80% of issues can be fixed over the phone we will try to assist immediately over the phone for free. If the call does result in a callout then we have a flat rate fee for the call out and the first hour and will look to respond within one week period

Free System Check

During a call-out we will check all software releases are up to date and check the system health for things like loose connections overheating and excessive dust ingress, we will also advise on upgrades to improve performance if required.

System Documentation & Cheat Sheet

For less-involved systems we like to offer our maintenance documentation system and cheat sheet to our clients as a one-off package, our clients find this liberates them with the knowledge to fix their own issues themselves preventing costly call outs not only for the AV engineer but also from 3rd party engineers like Sky & BT etc.

They have all the knowledge and detail required in the cheat sheet to give to the prospective engineer insight into the system.

We find our clients also get further insight when renovating the property and moving house all they have to do is hand over the cheat sheet and they are done.