HDMI Over Fibre Installation

Digicast Unleash HDMI over Fibre, it’s our go-to technology that delivers ultra-high bandwidth and a reliable extension of uncompressed video in 4k HDR10 rec 709 Deep Colour with 24 bit Dolby Audio capabilities including support for Dolby Digital®, DTS® and Dolby Atmos music all from one pre-made easy to install lead, using laser technology this advanced technology sends data at light speed down lead lengths from  9m to 30m meter pre-made leads without the need for additional power all in one small form factor,  the leads themselves are half the weight and half the diameter of traditional HDMI’s this paired with the advanced laser technology used within makes our HDR cable stand out among all the current active optical fibre cables.

  • Advanced SOC maintains greater compatibility with a variety of HDMI input and output chipsets
  • HDMI 2.0 4k UHD cable with support for REC2020, 8/10/12/16bit, RGB
  • High-speed connection with 18gbps of bandwidth
  • The frequency range of 24-60Hz
HDMI Cable internals

The Highest Picture Quality

On test, this cable has been bench tested and passes our HDMI test at the highest picture quality setting of 4k Dolby vision 4k content and in use it flawlessly passes Dolby vision 4k picture content using a TV, Projector, AVR cinema amplifier, or any other 4k player we have put to task.

Each fibre optic HDMI lead you to purchase from us hand been independently tested and comes with a certificate you will rest assured that you have the full confidence that these leads can be put to task and deliver the best possible experience for you.

The Benefits

  • Plug & Play
  • Ideal for gamers
  • Full support for HDR & Dolby Vision
  • Thinner & lighter
  • Cutting edge technology

Our HDMI over fibre stands apart from all current active optical cables the proprietary system on a chip (SoC) optical modules utilises a 4 channel 6gbps receiver/transmitter in conjunction with the VCSEL array. This advanced SoC is the best in its field incompatibility and works with all the HDMI input and output chipsets on 3rd party devices.