Our Media Walls

From our experience being media room installers, systems that perform well follow cabling standards that are documented, with good access for maintenance and retrieving cables for future upgrades.

 Media walls are the perfect solution both aesthetically and from an audio visual engineering perspective. Up until now media walls have been reserved for clients with larger budgets, up until now! We work with a locally souced joiner who hand crafts our designs into a flat pack system, this means we can design and flat pack bespoke creations in half the time for half the price!

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Inspired from the Show home

Ever been to a show home and been amazed how small spaces can work functionally and look great. That’s because an interior designer has created bespoke furniture to perfectly fit the space using every millemeter to create storage.

The Problem

Bespoke joinery up until now been an expensive and time enduring process, because of this the trendy budget option was to just wall mount a TV on a wall (normal a white wall) and hide all the equipment in a cupboard. This seems the norm now but why have a black panel looking thing levitating there it looks so out of place on a white wall! we know this because we’ve installed a lot of them.

The Solution

This is why we’ve developed a range of media-walls that can be pre-designed, flat packed and over to you ready for movie nights in weeks no months!

Our Media Wall Case Studies

Space saving Design

You get all the tech but no wires with easy to clean off the floor storage that’s designed to be custom fitted to your wall using every millimeter of space with no gaps.


We wanted our designs to be personalised and to be complementary to your media room design, this is why Egger is our chosen finish for all our media walls it’s the perfect solution if you want your media wall to be durable robust and blend with your media room decor.

Media Wall Solutions
Media Walls Solution Build up

Long Lasting

Egger melamine covered chip board offers you guarantees this product will be resistant to impact,stains, scratches and sunlight discoloration.

It’s time to get creative, be your own interior designer, get access to 99 different colours and finishes to choose from the solution and choice is beyond compare.