Discreet Audio Visual Systems Guildford

At Digicast Aesthetics and performance are at the forefront of our minds we strive to deliver solutions that will not hit you with Stunning visuals and great sound but also functional on-trend decor that complements and completes the design of your room.

Mirror Television Front

Mirror & Picture TV’s

Introducing mirror televisions & Picture televisions we a range of colours and frame styles to blend with your room theme whether contemporary or traditional there is a frame crafted to suit on trend with the latest smart TV and 4k technology we have developed a winning formula.

Mirror Television Rear

The World’s Smallest 5.1 Cinema Amplifier

At just over an inch tall and 12iches wide and deep the world’s smallest AVR is ultra slim and capable of being attached to the back of your TV, although small in stature this amplifier packs a punch with five class D amplifiers three of which deliver 75 watts per channel to the right left and centre speaker leaving the rear surround at 30w per channel with a HDMI out that allows for glorious 4k content perfect for the average media room.

Frame Television

Invisible Speaker

We have dedicated a lot of time to aesthetics and performance our invisible series speaker delivers unbelievable sound quality from the wall or ceiling without any visible signs of a speaker. The space is filled with breath taking music that seemingly comes from nowhere. The speakers are finished over with the same material as the adjoining wall or ceiling surface meaning they don’t just blend into the wall or ceiling they become part of it.

Hidden Projectors

Aesthetically Pleasing Projectors

Aesthetically pleasing projectors housed in projector drop/lifts that blend into your ceiling, we only select the leading automated projector lift solution with height efficient design and an adjustable drop distance, this is a firm favourite for leading audio visual installations around the world.