CCTV in Guildford

Get control of your own command centre and be at the hub of your home security monitor your property anywhere in the world via your smartphone clear as the day and even at night with new technologies in night vision and audio over IP you will even be able to talk to people on your doorstep from across the world and record registration plates of cars using on one central interface with data all safely stored in the safety of your own home or up in the cloud.

 Our security cameras have an AI enabled chip that gives our clients the processing power required adding a layer of Artificial Intelligence to their security camera system achieving various tasks e.g. people counting, perimeter detection (human vs animal differentiation), ANPR (number plate recognition).

HDMI In Wall Service

AI CCTV is the idea of adding layers of Artificial Intelligence to a security a security system, here are some examples below.

AI Layers of Security:

entering/exiting your property, how many people enter specific areas of your property, track building utility over time (e.g. levels of usage of different areas of the building). 

ANPR: Identify and log vehicles via their number plates; track car park usage over time. 

Video structuration / smart search: Allows you to easily search for events / persons based information such as what the subject was wearing including colour of clothing / gender of subject or what a colour of a vehicle and much more. 

User Interface

If you do ever suffer crime and want to have a stress free experience looking back on footage then we have you. We base all of our security solutions on Dahua and the user friendly security interface called DMSS, DMSS offers a simple to use professional remote surveillance management platform for layman end-users . Once logged into DMSS you can easily access footage using date and time of the event cut and save the scene and send or save the video file to your phone.

Remote Monitoring

If you’re away from home just launch the app to achieve realtime remote monitoring through both live view and video playback. Through WiFi or mobile internet connectivity, want to raise the alarm or talk to intruders simply send push notifications anytime and anywhere. This platform helps individual users to achieve mobility in their security management, and significantly improve the efficiency of surveillance operation.