Marine Audio Visual Installations for Luxury Yachts

At Digicast Audio Visual we have dedicated 10 years to Audio Visual projects, Digicast AV was bread from a passion for all things AV after gaining experience working with major blue chips in the city to football stadiums, museums and high street retail storefronts we decided the most interesting creative work was in bespoke AV projects in the Luxury in-home entertainment market. This focus would allow us to use all our experiences of past projects to grow to our full potential both as engineers and project managers.

Luxury Yacht And Super Yacht AV installation

We work in both in the UK and overseas. We have a team of experts ready to assist you with the knowledge base to earn your business, we have experience working closely with Shipyard build teams and designers during refits at the location of the vessel.


4k HDR Dolby Vision Multi-room video distribution and control 

We can connect your Sky Q 4k, 4k Blu-Ray player, Kaledoscope, 4k Apple TV and other players Into one matrix disctribution thats hidden out of sight, multiple inputs can be sent from this matrix device to multiple Tvs or Projectors sited around the yacht.


High resolution Music Multi-rooms with zone control.

Zone amplifiers are assigned to each zone around the yacht, these zone amplifiers can send high resolutition audio to audiophile grade achitectual in-ceiling speakers in each zone. Zones can be played individually or grouped by simply controlling the zones from a tablet or mobile phone


Networking and seamless roaming WAP installations

High-performance, intelligent and affordable smart WiFi that has been developed for the Smart Super Yacht environment the systems main focus is Seamless roaming this is especially important for Smart device operation when devices need to be constantly seen to action a command and send that command in an instant. Digicast AV’s WAP solution clones all access points into one Wi-Fi login for the whole home


Full Yacht automation and control

We have expert programmers dedicated to the three most intuitive and powerful home automation systems on the market: Savant, Control 4, Crestron. We can bring you real time control of your living space. As we have dedicated programmers for each of the three leading systems, we are able to always recommend the solution that most perfectly fits your needs.


Automated Lighting Control

Want Lighting around the home that’s personalised to your lifestyle with an app that enables you to create lighting recipes for the individual user or multiple users around the Yacht? You might want one lighting recipe for watching a movie, add a splash of colour to your dinner party another for a relaxing bath or yet another for reading or working from home.

Switching from one recipe to another is as simple as tapping a smartphone or even yelling at your favourite voice-activated assistant, or do nothing! Group lights in zones and create schedules, you can make all your lights go off or come on or dim to your mood 24/7, also select lighting recipes. Make opportunistic thieves think twice and set lights to activate with your motion or sound.


CCTV, Security and Access Control

Get control of your own command centre and be at the hub of your yacht security. Monitor it anywhere in the world via your smartphone clear as the day and even at night with new advancements in night vision. Take advantage of audio over IP you will even be able to talk to people in rooms in your yacht from across the world from one central interface thats easy to use and recall with data all safely backed up and stored in the cloud.


In summary

We offer a free Expert marine consultation and design service to help guide you through to make an informed decision on your home entertainment purchases.
We have 10 years of experience working in the luxury market in various locations around the World and have encountered all things AV.

Our AV solutions are all based on good AV design that works for an engineering perspective as well as an atheistic one. After 10 years’ experience in the industry we find the good design is based on the fine details to completely tailor an AV solution, we talk to customers just starting out to dedicated audiophiles, cinephiles, Interior designers and Architects.

Project management and execution of a design is our main focus this is especially vital during a build project to safeguard our system efficiency and to make sure those fine aesthetic details are not blurred during the build process. If you want to experience Home cinema or a music systems then we have access to some of the most jaw dropping Systems on demo in the country you will be exposed to a range of professionally setup Audio visual systems and you will be able to make an informed decision on systems that are 5k up to £300k.

If you are in the market for a Luxury Yacht Audio Visual Marine Installation and would like to give us the opportunity to win your business please contact 07738126366 or click for a deal and use our contact form.