Big Screen Sports Solution

The Brief: Install a projector and screen in the kitchen that can be viewed both from the kitchen seating area and the garden patio area through the bifold doors.


1x 106” on-wall Vividstorm ALR projector screen (In Black) this will be mounted at 2.4m off the floor and drops on a motor that is remotely controlled via a handset.

1x Optoma Cinemax P2 Ultra 4k short throw projector with incorporated sound bar ceiling mounted (Black) on a fixed ceiling pole mounted hangs at 2.4m and 60cm back from projector screen. The projector will produce a brighter image in the kitchen but would be good to get as dark as possible with blinds.

1x Sonos port


2x Sonos Move (wirelessley connected and paired in stereo mode)

Other TV’s

2x LG OLED55CX5LB TV’s in the Living room & master bedroom will be upgraded to 1x LG 55OLED Tv’s using existing locations and brackets, unsightly wires will be chased into walls or concealed with white channel.

Video source

A Sky mini will be supplied by the client to play sports audio and visual content.

 AV Distribution

A 12m Fibre optic HDMI a power cable and Optical over cat6 cable will be chased into the ceiling at the projector position to the winery wall and then chased down on the inside wall of the winery internally to a small cupboard, this small cupboard will house a Sonos port and a Sky Q mini box.


To make sure the Sonos can be controlled in the patio area the WiFi will need to be boosted, this will be done using a Wireless mesh router and slave module. This will be used in the first instance if any issues arise with drop-outs or devices not being seen on the network then a hardwired solution may have to be used as a fall-back solution.


3x rooms will use the TV & sky original remotes. No control system is required as long as existing TVs have the full version of CEC control.

The client will supply 1x SkyQ main box and 2x sky mini box.


Optoma cinemax P2 ultra short throw 4k projector (black): Will work in much higher ambient light conditions due to it’s high brightness and short projected beam not being diluted over distance. It also has an in-built sound bar that will provide audio for the kitchen zone.