The most frequent question I get as an AV integrator is how does AV fit into the build process.

At Digicast AV we have successfully Designed, coordinated and maintained a high frequency of projects, we always strive to evolve, and our focus is efficiency, reliability and customer care.

The first point of action

The earliest stage of Planning AV should be when a client has the floor plans that have been created by your Architect, this is the consultancy stage and a meeting is scheduled to learn about a client’s vision and take on how they want the AV to work with their decor and lifestyle this is very important to us as this all makes up the vital DNA to create a bespoke AV home entertainment system that looks as great as the experience you get from it. A Free room design layout, we will create a draft of the floor plan with you onsite and send a copy to you for approval, once this has been approved we will then send over the final layout and a fully itemised quotation this quotation is based on online pricing and broken down into three stage payment s 1st fix, 2nd fix and after Client Handover.

1st Fix

1st Fix means the installations of wiring infrastructure required for the TVs, speakers and WiFi etc to work, this stage depends on the size of project but generally on projects with multi-room setups it is more cost effective and time efficient for the electrician to undertake the wiring infrastructure on our behalf. At this stage we would meet with the site electrician and supply the wires for the Audio-visual infrastructure at this time we will also brief the electrician and give them a plan along with cable schedule and a cable labelling system to follow.

1st Fix Sign off

This is the stage when the electrician has installed the wiring infrastructure but is before the stage when the plasterboard goes in, this stage is vital to make sure there are no communication breakdowns and that the AV requirement has not been compromised checking and good standard has been upheld by the site electrician. At this stage we attend site and meet the electrician, test cables and make if required any necessary changes required to get to the eventual sign off so the next stage in the build process can take place.

2nd Fix

2nd Fix is the stage where the decorators have applied their first mist coat and the flooring is in with its protective covering down. For us we then liaise once again with the site electrician and join them in 2nd fix which for us is the installation of TV’s, WiFi, speakers, wall plates and a central hub. All of this equipment has to be installed, commissioned and tested by us to ensure good performance and meet the customers AV requirement getting it ready for client demo, training and the eventual handover.

Client Handover

Handover is the last but not final stage in our support to the client in the delivery of a AV system, we will provide the client with a run through in each room where AV equipment has been installed, show them its functionality and go through the scenarios of how it should perform for them along with some basic maintenance tips. For non techs or more complicated systems we will also provide how to videos of your systems operation to help clients get a better understanding and a benchmark of how the system should be performing.

The Final Stage

AV systems are your media hub day in and day out, so keeping them ticking along is important to us and that is why we offer a 1-year warranty to fix any breakdowns clients might encounter along the way. In most circumstances we will fix issues over the phone or remotely using first line support, if the issue results in a call out then we will attend site offering 2nd line support, as long as 1st line support instructions to resolve the issue have been followed.

We hope you have found this blog helpful along with the other blogs we have created we aim to help people who have a home build project love cinema nights or music and want to seamlessly integrated it and experience it in the comfort of their own homes.

If you feel you require further guidance and our expertise then we would like to offer you a Free Design & Consultation if interested please click a call back request or please feel free to call or email direct Director 07738126366.


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