At Digicast AV we recognise that owning a smart home or a home cinema can become a burden and a daunting task when it comes the time to move house.

If you have audiovisual equipment installed in your home that you might want to relocate you may find you need support doing so or maybe you are moving into your next home with audiovisual wiring infrastructure.

We recognise that most likely in these circumstances you are going to need guidance and support when integrating a new AV system or purchasing compatible TVs, home cinema equipment, zoned audio amplifier s and home WiFi, at Digicast AV we don’t sell you products we sell you a system that is a compatible and reliable solution that works with the wiring Infracture you have inherited.

Whether you like it or not this can sometimes can be hundreds of wires running throughout the home with little or no cable labels or a map of where all these wires go from and to, you may find that the people who originally installed the AV system are no longer in business or they no longer want to support it because you are now out of their area.

At Digicast AV we have dealt with all the scenarios of people moving home and this situation no longer needs to be a grey area and if you accept it we would like to welcome you to take advantage of our Audio Visual moving home service a  professionally supported service by us for you. let’s face it moving home is one of the most stressful experience s in our lives why not let us take some of the brunts out.

If you are moving home to Guildford, Farnham, Dorking, Woking and even 20miles from our Farnham Surrey location we are ready to serve you

You will get a Free Design & consultation and Disney Plus for 1 year if you feel this service could be of benefit to you please drop us a call back request or call me direct on 077381263666.