Cinemas Inspiring the Office


Most home theatre’s we have seen up to this point have favoured being in the home environment with single-person theatre seating just like you’d find at the movies. But now with technology advancements in room calibration and discreet speaker design it is possible to get a multifunctional area in the office space, from a central town square area to give management a new platform to capture their staffs imagination to communal office break room areas with sofas and bean bags for staff to reflect and recharge their batteries, Audio Visual systems can be fully customised to allow endless possibilities.

In high end Media, hospitality and banking organisations a theatre is the centrepiece of a company’s presentation and learning facilities examples can range from the intimate cinemas that hosts presentations to handfuls of guests to 800-plus seat corporate spaces that are supported by dedicated control and reception areas with 24-hour onsite technical and event teams,


Typical Applications

Typically theatre applications comprise of state-of-the-art laser projection systems or large format displays with 4k video conferencing or telepresence systems, TV cameras and interactive digital signage along with professional presentation audio systems that include PA, surround sound, induction loops and microphones for recording capability.

These are the AV components for a fully equipped, intelligently controlled theatre environment for a large audience but these solutions can also be scaled down to suit the needs of the client, the size of the space and the budget.

At Digicast AV we look to take internal communications & presentations to new levels, using the latest advancements in technology we can impower companies to connect with their staff and inspire them with the knowledge to become passionate about the company, their clients and give them the focus needed to increase productivity.


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