A Typical 3 Day Home Cinema


The Audio Visual Installation process is generally misunderstood in our Industry what most people don’t realise is that to get a good performing home cinema that looks great and performs well takes allot of experience, 80% of what you see is down to design & planning and system aftercare.

Today we are going to cover the timeline of a typical home cinema Installation, this is after the design phase has been agreed and the products have been procured ready for delivery.


Day 1

We greet Mrs X and attended site with a system schematic and delivery note to check off the AV order and take down the serial numbers to claim warranties. System cables will be inspected and tested, cable IDs will be affixed and documented. Dust prevention and extraction methods will be applied prior to the next phase of installing TV’s and surround sound speakers. All TV’s & speakers are fixed into their final positions, Dolby Atmos speakers are cut out and the in-ceiling speakers are fitted and here colour matched grills are fixed into place. Mrs X is happy with the installation and can’t wait to see if it sounds as good as it looks but understands that good things come to those who wait and looks forward to day 2.


Day 2

Mrs X greets our AV Installer and can’t wait to experience Dolby Atmos.

Cable termination is undertaken, and connections are tested and carefully arranged into a cable management system, photos are taken at this stage for future maintenance and added to handover documentation.


First Run up

Wi-Fi and network is configured and signal quality is assessed, Visual equipment is tested and configured, and source devices are run up individually to ensure a strong 4k signal with no breakups. Then the Audio is run up for an initial connectivity check for all speakers.

Room calibration

A mic is placed in the central sweet spot of the sofa listening position and room correction software is run to calculate room acoustics from all listener positions and then speakers are calibrated to the room’s acoustic requirements. The AV engineer then runs Dolby Atmos content and makes some final tweaks to ensure separation in effects. Mrs X is happy with the system from first experiences with her new investment and has some familiarity but has not quite grasped the operation and wants to understand how to maintain it to avoid future user error.


Day 3

Second Run Up

Mrs X loves the system but has run into some problems in operating it overnight and also wants to add some further media services into the mix.

Final Demo

The media services Mrs X requested are added and final checks of the sound & vision are made along with any necessary fixes and work arounds needed. Mrs X is then demonstrated the system and is handed a system schematic, and gets to choose from a how to video or a cheat sheet to help guide her through, Mrs X is now confident she has a great performing Home cinema space that she can depend on for enjoying movie nights with the family or her me time relaxing reading a book whilst listening music.

After care

Over the next week Mrs X has called in once or twice where she’s got stuck and our AV installer has dropped by to make small adjustments. Mrs X has signed up for free to become a Digicas-tian and receives £50 off their next call out and also receives other promotions and discounts for being part of Digicasts loyalty club.

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