Ring X Line

 Ring revealed X Line, a premium branch off from Ring devices and subscription bundles for AV custom installers, to bring the UK market on August 4.

Available from September 2020, each of the six X Line bundles is built around a Ring Video Doorbell or Security Cam and includes a Ring Protect Basic subscription for the lifetime of the device, along with a four-year limited warranty.

Ring device bundles include Ring Video Doorbell Pro X (£329)

Ring Video Doorbell Elite X (£449)

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus X (£299)

Other available bundles include: Ring Stick Up Cam Elite X (£279)

Ring Spotlight Cam Wired X (£299)

Ring Floodlight Cam X (£349)


The Ring Partner accreditation program also launches today August 4 and includes an online training program and partner approval process.

Get control of your own command centre and be at the hub of your home security monitoring your property anywhere in the world via your smartphone clear as the day and even at night with new technologies in night vision and audio over IP you will even be able to talk to people on your doorstep from across the world and record registration plates of cars using on one central interface with data all safely stored in the safety of your own home or up in the cloud.

Designed for the pro installer in mind Ring X line enhances some of the Ring video door bell and security cams with 4 years warranty as well as a subscription to Rings protect basic plan for the lifetime of the devices which allows users to share and save videos up to 30days,


The Ring X line range

  1. Premium Ring product door bell or camera
    2. Ring Protect Basic free record up to 30 days for the Lifetime of the product
    3.Tech Support for the product and 4 year warranty

Meet the X line featured bundles:


X line for professional Installers only:
The X line will not be sold directly from Ring.com to end users. It will only be available to consumers from professional Installers.

The Benefits:

The X line is tailored for professional I installers looking for ways to provide better value and a more seem less installation for clients

The Ring Basic Plan:

The Ring Basic plan covers monitor ING and video recording service s for Ring devices. With ring protect customer s will be able to save and review Ring videos for the full lifetime of the device at no additional charge. It allows them to check out alerts at their convenience and makes sure their home is always protected.

Is it’s transferable:

The X line subscription follows the device to a new owner. The  previous X line subscription will be cancelled and the new owner will get their own X line subscription.

Are there any limitations?

The subscription covers the X line device. Not all devices at the location. This means that additional Ring devices are not covered by Ring protect Lifetime basic plan or the 4 years limited warranty.

If the customer has an existing Ring protect Plus plan, then there is no charge in the service of the device.

What are the benefits of X line support
From setup to customisation our dedicated tech support team is always there to help


 CCTV Is the First Line of Defence

At Digicast AV we have all the necessary experience required and using a combination of selected security products to provide our customers with the ultimate peace of mind. CCTV footage plays a key role in crime investigation capturing the crime as it unfolds at the exact time of the incident which is vital when tracking a vehicle with ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition), High street CCTV cameras and Traffic cameras can be taken to task using the footage to match the footage and the timeline recorded by your home CCTV cameras to track and catch criminals.

  • Seamless Integration
  • Real-time Updates
  • Remote Access

We install leading High definition & 4k CCTV systems providing a crystal clear image night and day with seamless integration to your home control network you will experience control like never before. If homeowners don’t like what they see then they can remotely turn on the lights inside or out or speak through an intercom to try and discourage an intruder.