Your reading this article maybe because you love film or want to enjoy the garden space more, you keep on hearing about friends and family or people on Facebook getting their very own silver screen in their garden and want to discover more about this latest trend.



Drive In Movie Theatres have been around since 1933, when the first drive in movie theatre came about, eager motorists parked their automobiles in a field waiting in anticipation to experience the first-ever drive-in movie theatre, located on Crescent Boulevard in Camden, New Jersey.



Garden cinemas have grown in popularity in recent years due to the advancement’s in DLP projector technology, these small form factor projectors can be packed off on holiday into a laptop sized case and easily stored away for the winter months. Small DLP projectors can be as cheap as £300 rising to £1,300 – £6000 for a larger 4k HDR model. The manufacture of DLP technology has become more efficient producing high quantities for market appeal, allowing the average person to replicate their very own open-air theatre versions in their gardens.



All projectors in the garden will only be able to be viewed at night as natural light will wash the projector beam out before it hits the screen, it is possible to squeeze of few extra dusk hours out of this if you invest more in a screen & projector by using different projector materials and more premium Projector’s with high bright lumens.



Many projectors come within built speakers and it’s worth checking the specs, if you can find one they are a great way to get started but you may find them a tinny with low impact of movie effects, you may also find you need to turn the volume up to make out the drawl in some accents. If you want to achieve good sound, sound waves need to be directed at ear height to the audience listening position this is achieved from good speaker placement and using solutions in the form of a soundbars or fixed marine grade speakers, better sound is a little more investment but you will also be able to access music in the garden all year around as well as cinema sound. Message me to learn more.



1x Optoma Darbee HD152X 1080p (inbuilt speaker’s) = £689



1x Optoma UHD42 4k HDR (comes with inbuilt speakers) = £1,200
1x Inflatable outdoor movie screen
= £450



1x sound bar (exclusive with us, bespoke Velcro case to attach to screen above)


2x rock speakers (amplifier required)

= £425

2x wall speakers (amplifier required)
= £330.


If an open air theatre is something you want to achieve and need further information please get in touch, we would be happy to assist you and tailor a solution.